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Free Online Games For Girls
Category: Rescue Games

Nero The Hero
No time to lose--save innocent citizens from marauding invaders and fier...

Code Cracker

Super Maus
Ms. M has been kidnapped by evil forces in Mouse City, Your objective is...

Spike Boy
Run around in this sidescroller grabbing candy and spinning your yo-yo a...

Your friends have been captured by the Evil Tyrant! Joel was able to esc...

Robot Boy Tommy Takeaway
Tommy's been kidnapped by Dr Kamikazi and taken back to his island. Fly ...

Fires in Funtown
Help rescue the jumping people from a burning house.

Alien Rescue
There is life on Mars and its needs your help.

Ice Creamed

Alien UFO
Rescue your fellow aliens who are stranded in hostile territory. Hitting...

Xnail The Forest Guard
Help Xnail to stop Cid Capezza from cutting the woods! Lets help Xnail t...

Boom Boom Boomer
Help Boomerman fight the wicked enemies and save Sam and Mandy from Jamb...

Your mission is to rescue 118 russian marines from the sunken submarine ...

Wiggi World Rescue
Rescue the world by stomping out fires.

Embrioni In Fuga
Get all the blobs to travel to the right spots and prevent them from dying.

Bubble Fairy
Guide the bubble of a little fairy in order to get her back to the fairy...

Soul Master
Move Death and free the souls from the ten different hells, delivering t...

AXE Les Adventures de Jaxe & Blaster
Good version from Bomberman where you must use your explosive deodorants...

Magic Mansion
Your father, the great magician Joseph Frost, has been kidnapped by his ...

Red Cross ERU
Send the Red Cross in to help people in this strategy like game where yo...
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