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Free Online Games For Girls
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Pop-Pop Candies
{"description":"Pop Pop all the candies in the level! Shoot a candy into a matching candy to clear it. Step it up and bounce the candy off of the wall to reach the matching one in a hard to reach space. Bright and colourful, the Pop Pop candy world is full of sugary sweet things to do. ","stars":0}

BTS Animals Coloring Book
{"description":"Its the Back To School Animal Coloring Book! Choose a cute picture and color it too perfection! Let your imagination run wild! Make a brightly coloured cat or bird, save the picture or print it off! Its so entertaining and fun to play! ","stars":100}

My Pony My Little Race
{"description":"You and your pony are best friends! You both love to race and that is what you will do! Take control and run epic races! Collect rainbow horseshoes, golden coins and more in My Pony, My Little Race. Avoid the obstacles and you can win the races. What a cute friendship. ","stars":0}

Princess Make Donut
{"description":"Princess Mia LOVES donuts, but she doesn't have any ingredients. Its shopping time! Go to the supermarket and get the items on Mia's list. Eggs, milk, flour, oil. Once thats done, its time to make the donut! Combine the ingredients and fry it to perfection. After that, decorate the donut to make the perfect dreamy donut. You will love to learn how to make donuts with Princess Mia. ","stars":0}

Coin Mania
{"description":"This Piggy is filled to the brim with money! In the best free clicker adventure, your aim is to click, click, click the money out into the air, then scramble to collect it all! Use those coins to purchase upgrades such as an extra hand or two to keep clicking the piggy or make it rain! Can you bankrupt the piggy bank in Coin Mania?","stars":0}

Beach Bowling 3D
{"description":"Relax, take a deep breath and bowl! Its a gorgeous sunny day at the beach and its time to get to bowling. Play alone or with a pal, taking it in turns. Can you bowl a perfect game? Knock down the pins with your bowling ball and become the champion! ","stars":0}

Candy Garden Cleaning
{"description":"Ralph has kicked up a storm in the candy garden! Oh No! The whole candy land garden needs fixing and cleaning again. Use the available garden tools to build the garden back to beauty. Keep Ralph away next time! ","stars":100}

Mini Costumes Sorting
{"description":"Mini Minions really want to play dress up but their closet is a mess! They need to clean up the closet and dispose of any ruined clothes. Once its all neat and tidy, its play time! Choose different themed outfits! Will you be a maid? A Pirate? Lets find out! Lets play!","stars":100}

Balloons Path Swipe
{"description":"Your objective in this swiping, sliding puzzle is to form as long of a connection between the same colour of balloon as possible. Once you stop, they pop! There are over 30 levels to complete! Its colourful balloon popping fun for all ages! ","stars":100}

Freetuppet Adventure
{"description":"The Freetuppets are here! Find large groups of freetuppets in the grid and click to remove them. Matching them can give great rewards such as bombs or potions! There are 100 challenging puzzles to complete. Match them all! ","stars":0}

My Pet Clinic
{"description":"The Vet clinic is very busy today. Cats, dogs, turtles, rabbit and parrots really need your help! Clean the animals and fix them up. Remove fleas from fur and buff those shells. These animals will love you for helping them. ","stars":100}

Adam and Eve: Cut The Ropes
{"description":"If you're a fan of physics based puzzles such as cut the rope, you will love Adam & Eve: Cut the Ropes! Adam is trying to return to Eve but he is entangled in snakes! Help him safely return to her by eliminating them, snake by snake. There are apples to collect and over 50 levels to complete! ","stars":100}

Banana Running
{"description":"Mr Nanners wife is missing! It is your job to guide Mr Nanners through the endless city runner to find her! Slide or jump over obstacles while collecting Mrs Nanners dolls and Banana Balls. These can be used to upgrade and buy cool new items!","stars":0}

Little Dentist
{"description":"Little Dentist puts you in the dentist seat! Treat the patients and their ailments. Learn about the potential dental conditions that you could get if you don't brush and floss your teeth! Don't end up like them, learn and keep your teeth clean! ","stars":100}

Princess Poppins
{"description":"The newest Mary Poppins are in town. Your favourite princesses are exploring the world on their umbrellas. Help them freshen up before they head off to their next destination in fancy new clothes. They need new hats, suits and make up. Completely restyle them","stars":100}

Baby Audrey Appendectomy
{"description":"Audrey isn't feeling well, she has a terrible stomach ache. After a closer inspection, she needs her appendix removed! You are required to help with the surgery. She needs help now! Do your best! ","stars":33.333333333333}

Ice Princess in NYC
{"description":"Elsa is out on the town! Shes taken a trip to the Big Apple! New York! There is so much to do and loads to see. Explore the city, grab a drink at starbucks and chill out at the spa! She is sure to have a luxurious time with you by her side. Find fabulous new outfits fit for a princess","stars":100}

Harajuku Princess
{"description":"Princesses Tiana, Jasmine and Elsa are travelling to Japan to visit the exotic Harajuku district. Dress up in all sorts of cool outfits and amazing hairstyles! Show off your legendary style!","stars":0}

Cute Puppy Rescue
{"description":"Barbara has found a wounded puppy while exploring outside. She has brought it to you at the vets, hoping that you can help. Wash the mud off of the puppy and take care of its ailments one by one until the puppy is healthy and happy again. ","stars":100}

Hand Skin Doctor
{"description":"Wow! Your patient has had a really bad reaction and now their hands are blistered and sore. Do your best to repair their skin and give their hands some much needed care. ","stars":50}

Kitty Wedding Day
{"description":"Kitty is getting married! She has invited all of her friends and needs help picking out the purrrfect outfit. Choose the most gorgeous shoes, a stunning dress and all the accessories to go with it. Once that is done, help decorate the garden for the ceremony. It will be a wonderful day","stars":50}

Princess Playing Dies
{"description":"Princesses Emma and Mia are having a great time playing Dies. Suddenly, they find themselves inside of the game! Can you get them out? Find all of the hidden objects amongst the dungeons and set the princesses free! ","stars":66.666666666667}

Kitty Love Story
{"description":"Mr and Mrs Kitty Cat are very much in love. Ordinarily, they are never apart from one another, but they somehow got separated and need your help to be reunited. Draw a line to cut Mr Cat free and he can roll to his beloveds side.","stars":100}

Dino Digger
{"description":"You have uncovered dinosaur remains while on your latest dig. Break through the dirt, uncover the fossil and piece it all together. Learn about the creatures which roamed the earth millions of years ago! Will you unearth a new species? ","stars":0}

Princess Food Court
{"description":"You have some royal customers! Your favourite princes and princess are hanging out in the food court and they want to eat your food! \r\nSet up shop for the day by making the cakes, juicing the fruit and slicing the buns. Once business starts, you need to serve your customers as fast as possible. Get the order right or its bad reviews for your restaurant!","stars":0}

Butterfly Coloring Book
{"description":"Create beautiful vibrant paintings in the Butterfly colouring book. Choose the colours and the brush size and make perfect pictures. There are loads of pictures to colour. Let your imagination run wild! ","stars":100}

Lavender Dream
{"description":"Mia and Emma are having a sleepover! They both love lavender. The scent, the colour, the gardens filled with lavender make them really relaxed. They have both fallen asleep and now are dreaming of their perfect lavender themed outfits! ","stars":100}

Pixie Skin Doctor
{"description":"Pixie has been flying through the beautiful land of magic, looking at all the colourful flowers. Unfortunately, she has had an allergic reaction to the pollen and now she needs to visit a doctor! Help her skin to look flawless once again by removing all the impurities.","stars":100}

Princess Roller Skating Style
{"description":"Poppy and Ava have some free time and want to hang with their friends at the roller rink! The rink isn't ready yet but you can help out before everyone arrives. Pick up the rubbish, dust away the spiderwebs and paint the fences. Once that is done, its skating time! Choose your outfit, mix and match your accessories and be the best dressed! ","stars":50}

Ice Queen Tongue Doctor
{"description":"The Ice Queen has an icy problem! She needs help to remove the bacteria and straighten her teeth back to perfection. She needs you! Dental hygiene is important! Brush and clean her teeth and mouth, but don't forget to floss! ","stars":50}

Bonnie and Friends Bollywood
{"description":"Bonnie and her best friends are experiencing bollywood! Choose their make up, hairstyle and outfits and accessories. With your help they will become huge Bollywood stars! ","stars":0}

Super Doll Ear Doctor
{"description":"Super Doll went on an adventure and now has a painful ear infection. She needs your help! Pick your medical tools and blast the infections away! She has liquids, bacteria and horrible crawly bugs that you need to get rid of! Do your best to make your patient feel better than ever! ","stars":75}

Dangerous Water
{"description":"You are the princess of a large kingdom but you have lost your way need to get back home! You must pass through many obstacles and return to your castle. Collect gems and help your citizens! ","stars":60}

Color by Number
{"description":"A fun relaxing game where you can color awesome 3D pictures! There are hundreds of pictures to choose from. Add the color and bring your favourite pictures to life. Will you choose animals, people or will it be a mystery? ","stars":83.333333333333}

Princy Throat Doctor
{"description":"The naughty girl Princy loves Sweets! She has ate so much chocolate and candy that she now has a throat infection! After inspecting her throat you realise she needs throat surgery! Once she has recovered, treat her to a new outfit! ","stars":77.777777777778}
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