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Free Online Games For Girls
Category: Flying Games

Monkey Lander
Navigate the monkey who is flying the spaceship

Abba The Fox
A fun hanggliding game where the goal is to collect all the envelopes wi...

Ninja Air Combat
Fly in the air as a powerful ninja upgrade attacks defeat sky girls, swo...

Dracojan Skies - Mission 3
New mission! Dare to fly again!

Matrix Side Scrolling Master
Help Neo save us!

Gladiator Castle Wars
Fight your way to the princess. Tons of weapons and enemies.

Flight of the Hamsters
Help the hamsters enjoy their time off with the new extreme sports of ha...

Try to fly as far as you can! Collect white wings to gain energy!

Power Rangers - Battle of the Worms
Ride your fierce dragon and save the villagers from the attacking worms!

Static Shock
Destroy enemy robots and collect the chip!

Dracojan Skies - Mission 4
Another threat has come to your planet! Pilot your ship and prepare to d...

Roam and Protect
Protect your allies by destroying enemy ships before they attack!

Dracojan Skies Acolytes - Alpha Version
Another threat has come to your planet! Pilot your ship and prepare to d...

Try to fly the helicopter as far as you can! Avoid the walls!

Wings 1915

Dracojan Skies - Mission 2
Sequel of the game dracojan skies

Alien Invasion 2
Another version of the game alien invasion!

Operation Seahawk
Rescue all the men in the water to complete each level!

Pig on the Rocket
Thrust your way a you collect all the fruits while riding the rocket!

Police Chopper

Your task is to feed the eagle and stay alive! There is only one rule Bi...

Balloon Duel
Pop your opponents balloon!

Find the exit.

Eva Project
Fly your battle ship and destroy enemy ships!

Desert Strike
Pilot an Apache and destroy all enemies in the desert!

Jet Pac Stan
Collect all keys by flying using your jetpack!

Wild Kite
Obtain good score by maneuvering the kite to follow the figure in the sky!

Free Mars
Free the planet Mars from hostile intruders!

Cave Hunter

The Cave of Death
Travel through this deadly cave finding clues and a way to escape alive.

Bump Copter
The copter must reach the flag. You can hit walls without loosing health...

Alpha Bravo Charlie
You're a pilot, you find yourself in the middle of many combat situation...

Bee Dodger
Fly and grab coins while dodging small bees, big bees, and bees that fir...

Armada Assault 1
An armada of alien squadrons is spotted in Earth's atmosphere. Now there...

Jump 'n' Glide
Have you ever done air gliding before? Anyway, the object of the game is...

Crazy Koala
A crazy koala has grabbed a hold of a rocket and is now flying through t...

Cube Field
Play for as long as you can without getting hit by the cubes.

UFO Mania
Your mission is to rescue all humans from planets in danger and move the...

Brighton Bounty Hunter
Use arrow keys to move and press space bar to shoot.

Planetcide Genesis
Shoot down the mutants and raiders in this thriller.

F-16 Steel Fighter Zero
A nice F16 flying simulator. Just shoot the planes and stay alive.

Superman Returns: Save Metropolis
Save the people on the streets below by catching the wreckage that is fa...

Bermuda Triangle
The aim is to test how far you can fly your plane through the Bermuda Tr...

F18 Hornet
This game will test your piloting skill and your ability to become a tru...

Guide your ship through space, destroy all the enemies and pick up power...

B29 Assault
An awesome top-down jet shooter. Grab powerups and stay alive by blowing...

Sky Boarder 2 - The Crux of Evil
Fly through the treacherous world of Liserif battling the demons Drakar ...

Mario Remix
This is the ultimate Mario game. There are 3 games to choose from. The f...

Wings of Glory
You will pilot an aircraft in the middle of a war. Perform different man...

Super M
Fly above the city and collect the coins while dodging the buildings and...

Shadow Division
Combat an evil cartel on the streets of a violent city in this side scro...

Escape from Paparazzi
Avoid the paparazzi ganging on you.

Ron's Freefall
You've lost your homework out the airplane. Jump out and grab all your p...

Omega Squadron V Eclipse
As an elite space fighter confront the evil omega squadron and protect t...

F18 Strike Force
You are on control of a high performance F18 Hornet fighter jet. From a ...

Avoid traffic as you seek out and destroy the trucks. Keep a low profile...

Panzo Robofly

Dracojan Skies - Mission 1
This is the first mission of the Draconjan Skies series. Lead the way in...

Nimian Flyer II
Ages ago, the planet Ril entered an age of peace. Until a dark force, th...

Battle Over Berlin
Fly a World War 1 biplane, and experience aerial combat in its purest fo...

Skies of War

Desert Storm
Control your helicopter and blast away all of your enemies.

Spider Man 3
Spider Man 3: Dark Side. Dont let spider man fall down. Keep him flying ...

Super Doggy
Fight as a super dog by jumping on cats and getting powerups for punchin...

Prehisto Riks
Fly on your dino as you throw rock hammers at attacking bees.

Jimmy the Eye
You're a flying eyeball. Shoot the dragon-like creatures, dodge fire, an...

Agent Wing Defender
Agent Black is trying to destroy the world and its up to you and your fe...

Captain Zorro
Human's Mars colony where attacked by aliens from faraway planet ÃÂ...

Another top-down spaceship shooter. Control with your mouse and take out...

Eco Battler
This game is a simplified recreation of one my favorite horizontal shoot...

Magic Jet 1
Side scrolling action game with weapon upgrades, multiple playable chara...

Angel Cakes
Shoot the opposing angles with lightning bolts and beams of energy. Retu...
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