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Free Online Games For Girls
Category: Timing Game Games

Mansion Impossible
The aim of the game is to make enough money buying and selling housed on...

Naruto - Sasuke Chakra Training
Help Sasuke reach the top of the tree!

Marvin Spectrum
Try finishing each level by dodging different laser systems with varying...

A Sitch in Time
Help this spy girl stop the museum robbers, her mission takes her as far...

Red Lead - Comic Relief
Don't let the balls drop down to the floor!

Wings of Glory
You will pilot an aircraft in the middle of a war. Perform different man...

NBA Spirit
Relive the NBA spirit with this awesome game. All you need to do is to m...

Knights of Rock
Hit the correct arrow key as it goes in the marker. Much like the Dance ...

Mr. Don
Guide Don, a brave pig through the dangerous levels and rescue the princ...

Fishing Game
Its the classic fishing game but lots of fun! Just position the shooter,...

The Payback
The Squirrel Family are back, and this time they want Payback! Help them...

Seed of Chucky - Target Practice
Even killer dolls need a little practice. Just aim the crosshairs and th...

Rabbit Punch
Your ultimate goal is to flick your finger to send the rabbits into the ...

Catch A Crab 1
Do you like crabs? Why don't you try to grab them fresh from their breed...

Golden Arrow 2
Show up your bow skills in this exciting archery game. You must have a h...

Big Fish
Catch as many fishes as possible within 2 minutes.

Shootin' Hoops
Maneuver your player past your opponents and you can press two keys at o...

All you have to do in this very cool game is to click on each scrolling ...

Alphabet Jungle
Use the 6 letters given to form dictionary words before time runs out.

Operation STAT
The kids next door need your help to broadcast their pirate TV network! ...

Beat Battle
Fight using innovative moves similar to that of pushing Dance Dance Revo...

Absolutely Hammered
Hammer as many nails as possible in the last 15 minutes and earn as much...

Rockstar Challenge
See Hannah Montanas intended costume and then dress her up to match. To ...

HK Cafe
Cook the food as people order as quick as possible. If food is not done ...

Unfabulous Burger Bustle
Addie is in a tough Jam! Not only did Mary Ferry find a way to take Jake...

Stack the countries in their actual location as they fall from the top o...

ER Wheelchair Challenge
Hurry, Doc! Your Patients are waiting! Pick up the patients who come to ...

Kart Racing
Beat the best lap time and go to the next level!

Tax Smack
Taxes stressing you out? Feel better by smacking around our virtual acco...

Jersey Joyride

Billy Bob
You must find the 15 hidden clues to defend your case in court!

Micro Madnetics
Launch the Hot Wheels cars on to the different ramps. Accuracy counts! S...

Puppy Red
Find two of the same pictures as fast as you can!

Break Dance
You get points for every dance move request that you fulfill. You can ge...

Bratz Kidz Getting Ready
Look at the picture and find all the pieces of clothes the girl is wearing!

Great Cookie
Catch as many cookies as you can in 60 seconds and watch out for falling...

1812 Overature
Play with, possibly the coolest, and most manly musical instrument ever ...

Power Ball!
Keep the mouse pointer on the lights to activate the power ball's intern...

Tattoo Artist
Your job is to trace the tattoo staying within the lines, Staying inside...

Sue Jigsaw Puzzle
Solve the jigsaw puzzles before the time is up!

Mini Wave
Try to finish the race before your opponents!

Extreme Racing 2
Avoid obstacles and try to stay on the racing track for 90 seconds.

Hide the Fart
Cut the cheese discreetly! Press the space bar when the cars come from l...

Beat the Meter
Each Driver has $10.00 they wish to spend at the pumps. When a car arriv...

Hope's Babysitting Maze
Collect whatever the baby wants and get back to baby's room before the t...

Monsta Truk
Choose your truck and then race over all 20 levels to the finish as fast...

The Fisher
Help this ugly old fisherman catch all the fish he can by timing the rel...

Bunnies Kingdom Cooking Game
Look at the list, drag necessary ingredients into the mixing bowl and cl...

Goldburger to Go
Make a few changes to the Goldburger To Go machine to get it to work rig...

Hannah Montana: Wireless Quest
Help Miley follow the clues and find the diary before class starts! Coll...

Sheep Dash
How fast are your reactions?

Cake Factory
Look at the example and click on the machines to make exactly the same c...

Powerpuff Girls: Pipeline Panic

Jumping Lope
Help this little girl jump over the rope as many times as possible!

Hot Wheels Dragon Fire: Scorched Pursuit
Race around the circuit as fast as you can, before the dragon gets you!

Iron Ranger
Try to steer the most modern space ship in the labyrinth full of traps.

Soda Pop Girls Bubble Catch
Get the bubbles into the bottles so the soda pop gets its oh-so yummi fizz!

Extreme Particle Suite
Space Surfer: Orbs run in two stream outside of the tunnel, Avoid the re...

Cinderella: Until the Stroke of Midnight
Help Cinderella find the required things before the time runs out!

Hamburger Girl
Make hamburgers identical to those shown in the upper left corner.

Catch the Chicks
Catch all the chicks into their hen house.

Sugar Power Program
Help the girl reach to greater height by jumping onto the rock.


Spiderman: Rescue Mary Jane
Help Spiderman reach Mary Jane in time by swinging across the building t...

Harry Potter: Marauders Map Game
Guide Harry through the maze levels. collect blocks to restore the struc...

Race around the course within the time limit to advance to the next stage.

Outrageous Obstacle Course
Navigate through the obstacle course and collect all the flags to advanc...

Funny Quest
Your goal is to put all the keys into the lock but you can only push the...

It's a Knockout
A single player boxing game with multiple opponents.

Simon Says
Click on the body part that he tells you to touch.

The Squirrel of Sandwich
Look at the customer's order, prepare sandwiches and earn money.

Emu's: Mess-Terpiece
Turn the flat upside down and find five toys!
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