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Free Online Games For Girls
Category: Dress Up Games

Theme Park Dress Up
Get Claudia dressed for the theme park.

Hawaiian Beach Girl
Aloha to this lovely Hawaiian girl. Choose the right outfit for her.

Summer Cargo Pants
Can you choose a nice casual dress for this lovely girl on the beach?

Peppy's Marilyn Monroe Dress Up
Show our original England' s rose how to dress in the new generation.

Peppy's Paris Hilton Dress Up
Let Pris how it is done in fashion industry.

Peppy's Rebecca Taylor Dress Up
Let Rebecca and her hot bod show you whats going down in the runway.

Juji Dress Up
Choose a nice clothes for Juji.

skull Shirts Dress Up
Choose proper clothes for this girl so she could emphasize her emo style.

Rock Style Dress Up
Lydia wants a rocker makeover. Help her find the perfect look!

Artist Girl Dressup
This beautiful girl is an artist and she needs to be well dressed for he...

Forever Fashion Dressup
Can you see a beautiful girl's walking in street? She's so young and att...

Going out Dress Up
Whenever going out it takes you lots of time standing in front of the mi...

Peppy's Angelina Jolie Dress Up
Her Angelina to be hot and %?#y for Brad c

Peppy's Britney Spears Dress Up
get her prep up before the court hearing begins.

Peppy's Jennifer Lopez Dress Up
J.Lo is waiting for tonight to party and it's your job to dress her up.

Peppy's Paris Hilton Dress Up 2
Help Paris get ready again and dress her up.

Royal Princess 2 Dressup
A series of dress up games. Dress up our royal Princess and her sisters ...

Super Star Maker
Shes a mega star in the making! Dress her up for a celebrity mag shoot!

Lord Of The Rings Dress Up
Dress up your favorite Lord of the rings character!

Baby and Mother Dress Up
My baby may help her mother decide what fashion is the best. Let's try i...

Fashion Fun
Joy's working on her design class portfolio. Help0 her make an outfit th...

Magivolve's Dressup
Dress up the boy or girl base model in all sorts of clothes. Bunch of op...

Dress the water lady as a mermaid. Make her the hottest fish in the sea.

Angel of Liberty Ave Maria
Change and design the angel while you listen to angelic music.

Royal Princess 4
A series of dress up games. Dress up our royal Princess and her sisters ...

Royal Princess 3
A series of dress up games. Dress up our royal Princess and her sisters ...

Dress My Babe
Dress the &%@?@* anime chick up in lingerie, schoolgirl clothing, swimsu...

Lovele 3
Help our new you cover girl to her fashion spread.

Peppy's Fergie Dress Up
Help her get dress up and groove with her humps.

Peppy's Abigail Clancy Dress Up
Help these hot and sultry beauty to the catwalk.

Peppy's Beyonce Knowles Dress Up
Help Beyonce shine like no other by helping get the right clothes.

Peppy's Cameron Diaz Dress Up
Cameron D is on a mission with some other angels. Help get dress up for ...

Get Your Favorite Jeans Dress Up
Look at your favorite teen jeans.

Stage Girl Dress Up
Dress up our very own stage girl. This is nothing special. But hey, she ...

Cheerleader Dress Up
This cheerleader needs your help.

Charming Hair Styles
Attractive and charming hair styles will make her be top girl in the world.

Peppy's Harry Potter Dress Up
Daniel is going to his premiere night help him get dress up for the ladies.

Peppy's Hilary Duff Dress Up
Hilary has new movie, help her get dress up for her new film.

Peppy's Jessica Dress Up
Get this Disney Bombshell all dress up for the show.

Punk Make Up
Turn this doll into a Punk Star!

Woody Dress Up
Dress Up Woody of Toy Story.

Dress Up Bubbles
Help Bubbles of Powerpuff Girls choose a nice clothes.

Dress Up Blossom
Dress up Blossom of powerpuff Girls.

Dress Up Buttercup
help Buttercup choose a nice outfit.

Marina Dressup
Choose a nice bathing suit or beach dress for Marina while walking along...

Magical Girl Pretty Sammy
She is Pretty Sammy! Our pretty anime girl! Dress her up the way you like.

Tegan Dressup
A little girl who loves to dress up fashionably.

Fairy Fashion
Help this cute fairy pick the best outfit for her.

Warrior Thu Ron Cu Dress Up
Pick a nice Warrior clothes for This girl.

Peppy's Pamela Anderson Dress Up
Get these blond bombshell get prep up for her night out.

Peppy's Tobey Maguire Dress Up
His spidey sense says his out of style. Can you help get back to fashion?

Peppy's Shakira Dress Up
Her hips don' t lie and dress her up.

Peppy's Lindsay Lohan Dress Up
Help Lindsay get back to her Groove.

Peppy's Kate Moss Dress Up
Get this suburban chic all dress up for her movie premieres.

Get these girl shine like no other.

Dancing Madeline Dress Up
Get Madeline dolled up in some dancing gear!

Flower Field Dress Up
Melanie is a young artist. Find her a look that suits her creative passi...

Cute Kids Dress Up
Dress up this 2 cute kids.

Makeover Designer
Choose a new face, design new clothes, and dress your girl, boy, or cat ...

Arrogant Her Dress Up
Help this girl pick a nice clothes to wear.

Honey Moon Dress Up
Prepare this couple for their honeymoon.

Peppy's Britney Spears Dress Up 2
Help Britney get back to her superstar look.

Peppy's Elisha Cuthbert Dress Up
Get our 24 hottie for the red carpet.

Peppy's Will Smith Hancock Dress Up
Help our hero to his new movie.

My Wedding Day Dressup
Wedding day is always the most special day to one's life, especially for...

Happiest Bride Dressup
I want to be the happiest bride in my wedding day. I want to have the mo...

Cherry Soda Dress Up
You are a waitress in the best soda cafe in town! Decide what you will b...

Forest Angel Dress Up
Makeover the beautiful forest fairy where beauty is magical!

Shopping Spree Dress Up
Cindy is looking forward to a day at the mall! She wants a complete make...

Bratz Flower Girl Dressup
Beautiful flower girl dresses for bratz doll.

Design Diva 2
Now it's your chance to be a design diva. Change the colors and fabrics ...

Girl in Summer Dress
Select from different choices the one that fits into her.
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